QiGong is a practice of developing inner knowledge and health. I have formally trained and cultivated with Master Zhongxian Wu in his Life Long Training Program of QiGong and Taiji since the fall of 2002. He has honored me with a certificate of completion for a three year Intensive National QiGong Training Program, as well as the distinction of QiGong Teacher of the Wu and Hidden Immortal Lineages bestowed by Master Wu and the BeiDou Academy.

The body is an energy (Qi) network which maintains health if the energy is free-flowing. QiGong is an ancient

practice for health and healing which originated in China several thousand years ago. The practice of QiGong is a way of cultivating inner knowledge of your body, focus of your mind, and connection to your spirit. It is a way of creating greater connection between you (human being) and the universe.

Ann’s QiGong Classes:

Monday Class:  5:30–6:45 p.m. for beginning and intermediate students.
I teach true to my lineages with a relaxed atmosphere, talking you through the forms.  As a special gift, I close each class with a crystal bowl sound meditation. 

Continuing class rate: $40/four classes. Drop-in rate: $12/class.
Private classes are available upon request. Come, relax, cultivate, and look within.
Shamanic QiGong
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Shamanic QiGong
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Please enjoy these pictures of my trip to China with Master Wu: Dragon Gate Cave Temple, Louguantai Temple where Laozi is revered, and more.